God is constantly speaking.  God spoke in biblical times and God is still speaking today.  However, hearing God's word is not for the curious but for the committed.  To hear God speaking to us, we need to meditate on His voice and word.  Pastor Long takes us into the world of mediation.  He outlines the differences between Christian meditation and mystic mediation or Eastern mediation.  For those who delight themselves in the Word of the Lord will begin to practice the ancient discipline of meditation.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
The Listening Silences of Meditation Exodus 20:18-21 Pastor Long 2019-03-17 03-the-listening-silences-of-meditation-exodus-20-18-21.pdf
A Musing on Meditation Psalm 1:1-6 Pastor Long 2019-03-03 01-a-musing-on-meditation-psalm-1.pdf